Force-Complete a Screening Group Request

You can force-complete a screening group to produce a grouped report without having all the applicants complete the income screening.

Screening group requests with more than 1 applicant require all applicants to complete the income verification process in order to produce the report. This is because we need all of the applicants' income data to produce the aggregated report.

However, if for whatever reason you require the report to produced immediately, you can "force-complete" a screening group request by hitting the endpoint below. The applicants that have not completed their screening will also receive an email/text notification that their screening has been cancelled.

Be aware that if no applicants have completed the screening yet (or if they have completed the screening but submitted that they share a bank or produce no income), the report will look fairly blank.

This is an asynchronous operation, so once you hit this endpoint, wait for the SCREENING_GROUP_COMPLETEDwebhook to fire before pulling the report.

This endpoint is only available for screening group requests with more than 1 applicant.

Force-Complete a Screening Group


Path Parameters




The ID of the screening group

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