Receiving Status Updates

Once you've sent out an income verification request, you will need to see the status of the update in order to see if the applicant has completed the verification.

We have two ways you can get the status of the income verification request sent. The first way is that you can fetch the screening group using the following endpoint:

Get Screening Group


Get the screening group entity via ID.

Path Parameters




The ID of the screening group to retrieve

    "id": "905963d4-0649-4046-8f39-7997a9e45ed4",
    "screenings": [{
        "id": "4516efb4-82ed-43cd-a55a-ba93d4914562",
        "applicant_first_name": "John",
        "applicant_last_name": "Smith",
        "applicant_email": "",
        "reason_completed": "not_completed",
        "screening_status": "not_started"
    }, {
        "id": "13cc2254-152e-4e78-937c-66b7d89c65a2",
        "applicant_first_name": "Bob",
        "applicant_last_name": "Thomas",
        "applicant_email": "",
        "reason_completed": "finished",
        "screening_status": "completed"
    "status": "in_progress",
    "approval_recommendation": "unavailable",
    "property_name": "Test Property",
    "property_street_address": "1234 Pike St.",
    "unit_number": "#101",
    "monthly_rent_cents": 200000,
    "is_decision_maker_paying": true,
    "is_report_expired": false,
    "is_report_expired": null,
    "created_at_timestamp": 1574244834717.303

This endpoint will get you the status of the entire screening group and each individual screening.

For screenings in a group, the applicant can state that they share a bank with another applicant, or produces no income. You will not be charged in these scenarios, and the screening will be marked as completed.

The second way to get the status of an income verification request is that you receive real-time screening updates from a webhook sent to a url of your choice.

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